La Closerie (Jérôme Prévost)

Champagne / France

At A Glance


Jérôme Prévost


Champagne (Montagne de Reims)


Pinot Meunier

Their Story

“Today there are a handful of wines from elite, artisanal grower-estates in Champagne that have attracted a nearly cult-like following. One of the most sought-after of these is the meunier of Jérôme Prévost.” — Peter Liem (noted on, author of Champagne: The Essential Guide

“My maternal grandmother was standing in
the garden : next to her I lived the
sensuality of the earth for the first time.
My mother, my grandmother’s daughter,
gave me the taste of the beautiful and the requirement
for integrity : one evening she put like a seed
in the palm of my hand :
‘le grand troupeau’ (the big herd) by Jean Giono.
My father, my mother’s husband
opened me to curiosity, to necessity of doubt
and to the extatic joy of effort in the mountains.
My friend Anselme patiently revealed to me
for 24 seasons the meaning of the gesture.
They were my ecosystem.
And so many other encounters.
As time goes by, we are always
the breeding ground of someone else.
I know it now.” – Jérôme Prévost