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Loire Valley / France

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Fred Niger


Muscadet Sèvre et Maine


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No make-up! Just true wines.

Their Story

“My winery is not a manufactory but a nursery.” — Fred Niger

Guy Bossard, a fifth generation Muscadet Sèvre et Maine vigneron, took over his family’s domaine in 1972. Guy is one of the appellation’s earliest pioneers of organic viticulture and adopted the nickname “The Pope of Muscadet” amongst his peers. From the start, Guy was focused on building his domaine’s reputation on the principles of organic viticulture and true respect for nature. The domaine received organic certification in 1975 and became DEMETER certified biodynamic in 1998.

Domaine de l’Ecu is made up of 25 hectares over three principle soil types (Granite, Gneiss, Orthogneiss). Guy recognized the importance of his terroir specific sites and began vinifying and bottling his Muscadet based on soil type. Domaine de l’Ecu soon became famous for producing world-class wines of terroir; heightening the reputation of their appelation Muscadet Sèvre et Maine.

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Facing north towards the domaine's orthogneiss dominated parcel; the vines are healthy and shine bright as January temperatures dip below freezing.

In 2009, Guy decided to pass on his knowledge and love for biodynamic farming and for the natural world. Guy decided to place his domaine in the hands of Frédéric Niger. Fred has stayed true to the viticulture practices set forth by Guy all while adding his own enthusiasm for the land and its unique terroirs. In the cellar, Fred has extended the aging time of the Muscadet cuvées and has added a number of new cuvées to the roster using amphoras in the vinification and aging process. This is a exciting time for the domaine and we feel very fortunate to be working with Muscadet’s iconic Domaine de l’Ecu.

Interview with Fred Niger, Owner and Winemaker of Domaine de l'Ecu

Where were you born and raised? I come from Nantes, from a family that didn’t drink wine… My grandparents, my mother, my brother, my sister in law, no one drinks wine… If you could briefly describe your approach in the vineyard what would it be? My winery is not a manufactory but a nursery. What excites you most about your vineyards? The work in the cellar, the vinification and especially in amphoras where I can express my creativity more than the work in the vineyard, but… you can’t have good wine without good grapes, so the work in the vineyard is indispensible If you could say one thing to the sommeliers who are introducing people to your wines for the first time, what would it be? stop drinking labels! a good bottle is an empty bottle no bullshit, no make-up, just true wines.... What is your favorite type of music? Cantates de Bach, opera Faust de Gounod If you could have any superhero power, what would you choose? Candidness/Frankness, that’s a super hero power! Visit Domaine de l’Ecu Website