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Pierre Millemann, Julien Launois, Wynn Peterson-Nedry


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir


A family owned modern house of fine and rare wines.

Their Story

“00 Wines is a family's quest to produce world class cool climate wines in the Old World and the New World.”

00 “Double Zero” Wines is a family-owned modern house of fine and rare wines established in by Chris and Kathryn Hermann, headquartered in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA with Grand Cru French projects in Burgundy and Champagne.

Zero is the number of potential in numerology. As a first-generation American, Chris Hermann named his family winery 00 Wines to represent his relentless quest to push forward the potential of Chardonnay “0” and Pinot Noir “0” in both the New World and the Old World.

Chris Hermann has worked in the wine business for almost 40 years as a trusted legal advisor to many of the top brands and wine houses in the American and international wine industries. Originally working as an environmental lawyer specializing in land use and water rights, his career and reputation grew along in parallel with the Oregon wine industry. He is the founding chair of the Stoel Rives LLP Brewery, Winery, and Distillery group and a former co-chair of the firm’s Beverage and Hospitality group. Chris authored and now is editor of the only comprehensive discussion of legal issues concerning the Oregon wine industry entitled, The Law of Wine – Oregon. Chris leads the 00 Wines team to craft a vision of fine wine that incorporates heritage vineyard sourcing and traditional approaches to winemaking that inspires people to think differently about the potential of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Kathryn Hermann comes to the world of fine wine after a career in marketing, product management, and software development at fast growing technology startups at IAC/Interactive Corp in New York City and Techstars incubator graduates in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to co-founding 00 Wines, she was recognized by the Technology Association of Oregon as an emerging entrepreneur to watch for her early-stage startup work. Today Kathryn is responsible for the creative direction of 00 Wines packaging and communications. Kathryn grew up in New England, USA surrounded by the sensory pleasures of seasonal, natural living. Her design aesthetic is influenced by her experience coming of age at the brink of the digital revolution and her love of mid 20th century blues and jazz music instilled by her multi-instrumental musician father. She believes that fine wines must be firmly grounded in terroir, yet presented in a way that speaks cross-culturally to the most discerning international clientele.

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00 Wines works with heritage vineyards in the Northern Willamette Valley in Oregon.

00 Wines ferments Willamette Valley Pinot Noir fruit in 500L terracotta amphorae imported from Italy by ITEK WINE in Paso Robles. Our team also crafts our Chardonnays with the “Black Chardonnay” method, which eschews the addition of SO2 at pressing and focuses on maximum phenolic extraction, allowing the transparency of the fruit and the texture of the phenolics to shine through.

The 00 Wines winemakers are at once both traditional and innovative – trained under the most prestigious winemakers and the descendants of prestigious winemaking families in the US and in France.  They continue to push the potential of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir forward in their respective regions.

“0 is the number of potential. We named 00 Wines after our obsessive focus to unlock the potential of place within the the King and Queen of cool climate noble grape varietals: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.”

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